Cong. Eliot Engel at Food Bank

Congressman Eliot Engel at Food Bank NYC with (l) Katy Flint Coppinger, Senior Director of Development for the Food Bank for Westchester, and (r) Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of Food Bank for New York City. Rep. Engel was at the New York Anti-Hunger Roundtable Friday at Hunts Point to discuss the impact of cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on New York, and how to protect and strengthen anti-hunger resources.

Rep. Engel called for reversing the recent cuts to SNAP, saying these necessary benefits must be preserved. Rep. Engel, named a Congressional conferee to negotiate the final draft of the Farm Bill, said, “I strongly oppose cuts to SNAP. It is a moral outrage to gut this program when so many Americans are still recovering from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. More than 47 million Americans are going hungry because of these cuts. Now 22 million children, and their parents, 9 million seniors and people with disabilities, and 1 million veterans will have to make do with only $1.40 to spend per meal."