Congressman Eliot Engel Wednesday denounced a proposed office building that would rise high over the Palisades and ruining the view of these magnificent cliffs.  Rep. Engel was joined by State Senator Jeffrey Klein and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz at a news conference at Mt. St. Vincent College overlooking the Palisades in calling on LG Electronics of Englewood Cliffs, N.J. to lower the height of the building to below the tree line.

Rep. Engel said, "The Palisades are a timeless treasure that exists nowhere else in the world. It is unheard of for a large city like New York to have such a dramatic and beautiful view of nature. LG has to be a better corporate citizen and not desecrate this site with this building. There isn’t anything that can improve this view, and certainly not an office tower.”

The proposed building was approved by Englewood Cliffs government and upheld by the Bergen County Superior Court. Environmentalists have said they would appeal that decision.  Rep. Engel, Sen. Klein and Assemblyman Dinowitz said they would lead a boycott of LG products if the company was not responsive.

Hayley Carlock, Environmental Advocacy Attorney at Scenic Hudson, said, “Judge Carver’s decision is a setback not only for the citizens of New Jersey and New York, but for all Americans. Because of their unique geology and extraordinary natural beauty in an otherwise urban setting, the Palisades are both a National Historic Site and a National Natural Landmark.  If this decision were to stand, it - and the bad precedent it would set - would lead to the destruction of this heritage by incompatible development."

“Bronx Community Board 8 is proud to stand up for scenic beauty of the Palisades alongside congressmen Engel, State Senator Klein,  Assemblyman  Dinowitz, Manhattan Community Board 12 and countless others in New york and New Jersey who believe in the wisdom of intelligent development alongside this precious natural resource,” Community Board 8 Chairman Robert Fanuzzi said. 

Congressman Eliot Engel denounces a proposed hi-rise office building that would tower over the Palisades at a news conference at Mt. St. Vincent College Wednesday. Joining the congressman in calling for a lower building were Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz to his right and State Senator Jeffrey Klein to his left.