Washington, DC -- Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY-17) announced today that more than 1,000 people in his Congressional district sent holiday cards to his offices, to be forwarded to service members and veterans around the world, as part of the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign.  The program is co-sponsored by the Red Cross and Pitney- Bowes.

“I am very proud of the terrific response from all parts of our district.  From our youngest students to our seniors, we received messages for our heroes.  The heroism of our service members, our veterans and their families was remembered throughout the district – a united show of support.  I know it means much to the troops, the veterans and the families to know that their sacrifices are not only appreciated, but are not forgotten. 

“I look forward to next year’s holidays, when hopefully the vast majority of these cards will be going stateside, as our brave men and women return from combat overseas.  When I visited our troops at Camp Bondsteel over the Thanksgiving weekend, they remarked to me how much they appreciated hearing from the people back home.  I know they will be very pleased to receive these holiday wishes.”