Washington, DC--Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY-16) voted against the House GOP Majority’s latest attempt to politicize the raising of the federal debt ceiling by voting to pay China first over any domestic expenditures for our infrastructure, our veterans, or our health care.

“It’s astounding that my colleagues believe it is a better use of taxpayer dollars to pay off foreign debt instead of spending here at home.   No country from whom we borrowed from is worried about our ability to pay it back.  Through a bipartisan budget agreement we will be able to have a long-term budget plan to address the debt and pay back creditors.  However, to spend our time on this now is putting the cart way before the horse.  It is more of their inability and unwillingness to seek common ground with Democrats. 

“I think our resources should go towards other priorities – especially as sequestration begins to be felt by many more Americans.  We should not allow service cuts to Meals on Wheels, or to health benefits for our brave veterans.  We should be seeking ways of bolstering our crumbling infrastructure or putting more Americans back to work.  International debt is important and will be addressed – but it can wait until we take care of our seniors, veterans and other Americans.”