REP. ENGEL NAMED CONFEREE ON FARM BILL: Will negotiate on Farm Bill with Senate

Congressman Eliot Engel was named as a conferee to the Farm Bill Conference Committee, which will work out a compromise Farm Bill with the Senate. Both bodies passed differing bills, so conferees, as they are called, from both houses will negotiate the compromise bill.

Rep. Engel said, “This is an honor to represent the House on such important legislation. I look forward to working with my colleagues from across the aisle, and from the Senate, to reach a fair compromise on the Farm Bill. I look forward to making sure the nutrition provisions, which include SNAP (food stamps), is included in the final version of the legislation.

House Republicans separated the SNAP program from the Farm Bill despite both programs being passed as one bill, in a bi-partisan manner, for decades. The House GOP passed a separate SNAP bill that slashed billions of dollars from the food stamp program on a largely party line vote of 217-210. Historically, the SNAP program was part of the Farm Bill – which has passed in a bipartisan manner for decades.

"I voted against the cuts to the SNAP program,” said Rep. Engel, “and I will again if they are included in the final legislation.”

The representatives of both the House and the Senate will meet shortly to work out a new bill.