Congressional App Challenge

In the past thirty years, the world has seen unprecedented technological development. Recent innovation our lives have been simplified and centralized, making once-complicated daily tasks not so complicated at all. Engaging our young minds to continue this innovation will lead to new and better solutions while fostering their interest in technology. Education in computers and programming are crucial to make sure that our students have a chance to achieve their most ambitious dreams in the real world.

To promote this interest, I am proud to announce that our congressional district (NY-16) will once again be participating in the Congressional App Challenge. 

Rules of the competition, important dates, information about past winners and more can be found on the Congressional App Challenge website, Congressional App Challenge’s .

The Congressional App Challenge is truly a wonderful opportunity for our teens to show off their abilities while learning important skills for their futures. The competition engages young people of all genders, races and ethnic backgrounds and is much more diverse then the tech community today. If the African American, Hispanic, Native American and women participants pursue careers in the field, the tech community will be a better representation of all Americans in the near future.  

Happy Coding!

For more information on the Congressional App Challenge, visit .