Federal Agency Help

Federal Agency Help – Constituent Services
Providing assistance to my constituents is one of my most important duties as your representative in Congress, and I am always happy to provide help with a federal agency if needed. Typical requests for assistance involve lost documents or a federal agency dragging its feet in getting you the help you need.
Before contacting me for assistance, it is important that you first try to work with the federal agency you are having trouble with. These agencies are expected to be helpful and responsive, and most issues can be solved by contacting them in writing.
If you find that contacting them does not yield results, the constituent service staff in my offices would be happy to advocate on your behalf. Our assistance, however, is limited to federal agencies and those that report to the executive branch. Some examples of federal agencies are:
• Social Security Administration
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
• Department of Homeland Security
• Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA)
• U.S. Postal Service
Please remember we are only authorized to assist you with federal agencies after you have tried to resolve it directly with the agency first, in writing, without success.
Opening a “Case” with Constituent Services
Once you have determined your issue is with a federal agency and you have not been able to resolve it on your own my office is happy to help. Federal regulations require you to compete a release, authorizing us to seek information from the appropriate agency, in person, so you must come to our office to start the process. Please call the office that is most convenient to schedule an appointment. My team periodically has office hours in other parts of the district that may be closer to your home, when you call you can schedule an appointment at a location near you if you are unable to come to one of the three offices.
To allow us to help you as quickly as possible, please bring any documents you have pertaining to the issue to your appointment. Documents may include:
• Medical documentation
• Financial records
• Letter of support
• Correspondence with the agency.
When you come to our office your case will be assigned to one of the constituent services staff, often called a caseworker. Your caseworker will be your key point of contact with my office to assist you with your issue. Although your caseworker will try their best to help you, the federal agency with whom you are dealing always has the final say in the matter. Please also keep in mind that we are unable to provide you with legal assistance or act as your legal counselor or representative. Because of the constitutional separation of powers, I do not have the authority to intervene in judicial matters such as criminal court proceedings, civil disputes, or deportation hearings.
Local and State Issues
There are many issues affecting constituents that do not involve federal agencies. Your representatives in the State Senate and State Assembly also provide constituent services, please contact their office if you would like assistance at the state level. Some examples of local or state issues:
• Driver’s License and Department of Motor Vehicle
• New York State Tax Issues
• Unemployment
• Worker’s Compensation
• Child Support
To find your State Senator by ZIP code, click here. To find your State Assembly member by ZIP code, click here.
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