Engel Announces $100,000 Federal Security Grant for Chabad of Yonkers

Engel Announces $100,000 Federal Security Grant for Chabad of Yonkers


New York—Congressman Eliot L. Engel announced today that Chabad of Yonkers has received a $100,000 Federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant to improve safety measures at the synagogue. The funding will be used to add fencing, lighting, windows, alarms, a panic button, security cameras and a security guard. DHS security funding for Chabad of Yonkers comes as hate crimes continue to rise across the country.


“I’m pleased we were able to advocate this year on behalf of Chabad of Yonkers for this much needed DHS security funding,” Rep. Engel said. “The horror we saw with the shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway, sadly, can happen anywhere. Anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry of all kinds have been on a steady rise in recent years and our insufficient gun laws aren’t helping the problem. Some reports show that more than half the hate crimes in the New York City area are anti-Semitic in nature. We have to stay vigilant and this grant will help us do just that.”


 “I would like to express my appreciation to our Congressman, Eliot Engel, and his amazing staff,” said Chabad of Yonkers Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz. “For the past two years, Chabad of Yonkers applied for the homeland security  grant, which is designed to better secure not-for-profit institutions. In our case, it is to better secure our synagogue. Both times we weren't approved for the grant. I reached out to our Congressman and he told me, when you will re-apply for the grant, reach out to me and we will assist you in any way possible because ‘that's what I'm here for.’ This time when I reapplied, I reached out to the Congressman's office and he and his staff were extremely helpful. We were approved for the grant.”