Engel Announces Mount Vernon Health Center Receives $2 Million in Funding from CARES Act

Engel Announces Mount Vernon Health Center Receives $2 Million in Funding from CARES Act

Congressman Eliot L. Engel today announced the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center (MVNHC) has been awarded $2,056,040 in federal funding as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Community health centers like MVNHC are on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, providing testing, treatment, and care to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in New York’s 16th Congressional District alone. The CARES Act included $1.3 billion to support these centers through this period of crisis. On April 4th, Congressman Engel led the New York House Delegation on a letter to the Health Resources and Services Administration, which manages this funding, urging the agency to prioritize funding for New York health centers. On April 8, HRSA announced $76 million for New York health centers, including the $2 million award for MVNHC. 

“I have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the nurses and health care workers at the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center and seen the outstanding work they do in providing care to our community,” Engel said. “These folks are doing an amazing job under incredibly difficult circumstances. Some have even lost their lives to this terrible virus. We must honor their memory by honoring their work, courage, and commitment to helping those in need. The coronavirus has had a disproportionate impact on our area, and across the country is affecting communities of color at a much higher rate. We need to take that into account when formulating our response and support health institutions that are most adept at serving vulnerable populations. Earlier this week I led my New York delegation colleagues in a letter to the Trump Administration calling for New York’s neighborhood health centers—like the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center—to be given top priority when it comes to CARES Act funding. We need to do more, but I’m relieved this funding is now making its way into our area, which has a very high need.”  

“The Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. (MVNHC) system graciously accepts the funds from the CARES Act, in the memory of longtime employee DS who passed away today from the COVID-19 virus while serving on the front lines; one of our many brave heroes who show up for work daily in spite of fear; and the thousands of others who have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said MVNHC CEO Judith Watson. “We wish to express our profound gratitude to Congressman Engel  for securing  $2,056,040.00  in funds from the CARES Act, which will be used to further our mission at a time when those services are so vital for our thousands of patients. In spite of the Pandemic, we remain steadfast. In over 46 years of the Health Center’s existence, the last month has been the most challenging for MVNHC.  However, we take great comfort in knowing that for decades and still holds true today, we can count on the support of our beloved Congressman, whom we hold in the highest regard and wish our very best.”