Engel Attends House Gun Violence Prevention Forum

Engel Attends House Gun Violence Prevention Forum


Congressman Eliot L. Engel attended a gun violence prevention forum today hosted by the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. The forum was used to discuss how best to move critical gun violence prevention legislation forward in the face of Senate GOP obstruction. Members heard testimony from survivors, medical profession, law enforcement, urban violence, young people, gun owners, and veterans.


Engel, a long-time member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, thanked Speaker Pelosi and Task Force Chair Mike Thompson for convening the forum.


“It is beyond unacceptable for Senator McConnell to continue to prevent action on common-sense gun legislation that will save lives,” Engel said. “As we all know, the House overwhelming passed H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112, legislation to close dangerous background check loopholes, nearly 7 months ago with bipartisan support. Since the passage of these necessary gun control bills, Senator McConnell has refused to bring them up for a vote, let alone for debate. As we saw in the recent Midland/Odessa shooting in Texas, the gunman was prevented from purchasing a firearm in 2014, but was able to obtain a gun through a private sale, which does not require the check. In this exact instance, H.R. 8 could have prevented this shooting.


“This is not a partisan issue. These bills have broad support from the American people and every day that passes with inaction on them runs the risk of more lives lost to senseless gun violence. This cannot wait a moment longer, the Senate must act.”


Background: Rep. Engel and 200 of his colleagues wrote a letter to Senator McConnell urging immediate action on H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112. Engel is also a longtime supporter of the assault weapons ban, has introduced legislation that would ban the same armor piercing weapon the Fort Hood gunman used in 2009, and has a lifetime “F” rating from the NRA.