Engel Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Engel Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a former New York City public school teacher and guidance counselor, issued the following statement on Teacher Appreciation Week:

“Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to recognize the hard work and commitment of America’s educators. The success of our country depends on our teachers and schools to educate and inspire our youth. As a former teacher, I know what a demanding and rewarding job it can be.

“This year, Teacher Appreciation Week comes amid a nation-wide movement of teachers fighting back against decades of draconian cuts to public education. To best prepare American children for the 21st century we need to provide them with the best possible resources. This means competitively paid teachers and support staff, safe and healthy learning conditions, and first-rate learning resources.

“Sadly, there are those in government who have made political hay out of vilifying teachers, especially the ones teaching in our public schools. Forces on the right have attacked teachers’ unions for years, while simultaneously working to undermine our public school system by cutting critical education funding. It’s shameful, but all too common behavior from a GOP more concerned with scoring political points than helping our children succeed.

“This Teacher Appreciation Week, I stand with the teachers in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and across the country demanding increased funding, competitive pay, and a better learning environment for their students. And I will continue to help our educators at the federal level, by championing programs like Title I, which provide critical funding for our public schools.”