Engel Defends DREAMers, Votes NO on Budget Act

Engel Defends DREAMers, Votes NO on Budget Act

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Eliot L. Engel issued the following statement on last night’s budget vote:

“Though the budget bill passed late last night finally covered many of the critical issues I and other Democrats care about—issues the Republican Majority callously ignored for months—its passage came at a steep price. With no assurances from Speaker Ryan that he will allow a clean DACA bill to come to the floor before March 5th, DREAMers have once again been treated like a political football by the GOP. Their negotiating tactics have been shameful throughout this entire budget process, which is why I voted NO on all five Continuing Resolutions, including the one last night.  

“This is no way for the party in power to govern. Americans shouldn’t have to choose between helping DACA recipients or funding community health centers. We shouldn’t have to choose between giving young children health care or legal status. What the GOP has done with this budget bill is not right and their cynical ploy continues to keep 800,000 DACA recipients twisting in the wind.

“Now that a budget has passed, some in the GOP may think they can go back to business as usual, which for them means working to repeal Americans’ health care or offering more tax relief for the wealthy. But they’re wrong. Democrats are not going to allow them to skate by while 1.3 million DREAMers are left worrying about their future. Speaker Ryan must commit, publicly, to bringing a clean DREAM Act to the floor before March 5th and he must do so immediately.”