Engel: GOP Tax Plan a Scam, Disastrous for New Yorkers

Engel: GOP Tax Plan a Scam, Disastrous for New Yorkers

WASHINGTON D.C.— Congressman Eliot L. Engel issued the following statement on the House’s passage of H.R. 1, the Republican overhaul of the tax code:

“This morning, I took to the House floor to once again raise my strong objection to the disastrous tax reform package the GOP has been pushing. In my remarks, I mentioned how someone near and dear to me once said the Republican Party is the party of rich men and women, and the Democratic Party is the party of working men and women. Nothing proves that more than this tax bill scam today.

“The tax bill the GOP just passed, without a single Democratic vote, is one of the worst bills I have ever seen brought to the floor of the House. It raises taxes on millions of middle-class families, eliminates key deductions for state and local income and sales tax, and adds trillions to the debt. All this to give tax cuts to America’s wealthiest families and corporations. This bill will also decimate Medicaid and Medicare, which in turn will create new deficits for these programs, leading to more calls from the right for their privatization.

“New York already sends more money to Washington than it gets back. Residents in New York rely heavily on state and local income and sales tax deductions to level the playing field and provide extra tax relief. These deductions don’t just help the wealthy—they allow folks in the middle class to reduce their tax burden, own homes, and increase their purchasing power. But, if this tax plan becomes law, those deductions would either be eliminated completely or heavily reduced, and New Yorkers would be devastated.

“In addition, the process by which this bill was written was just as disappointing as the final product. House Republicans once again took to writing a huge piece of legislation behind closed doors, without any input from Democrats. And considering what this bill will do to explode the deficit, I’m not sure how any House Republican who voted in favor if it can call themselves ‘fiscally responsible.’

“Thanks to this bill, the middle-class will be directly paying for an upper-class and big corporation tax cut. No fair minded elected official could support that. Hopefully the Senate will scrap this disaster so we can go back to the drawing board and write a bill that treats middle-class taxpayers fairly.