Engel Introduces the FACE Protection Act

Engel Introduces the FACE Protection Act


Washington D.C. – Congressman Eliot. L. Engel introduced H.R 4021, the Facial, Analysis, Comparison and Evaluation (FACE) Protection Act to protect the privacy of individuals from the pervasive government use of facial recognition technology.


The FACE Protection Act would prohibit any Federal agency from applying facial recognition technology to any photo identification issued by a State or the Federal Government without a Federal court order. Additionally, the agency cannot share any of the information with another agency, or entity, unless it is included on the court order.


“There have been disturbing reports of Federal agencies, specifically DHS, ICE and CBP, mining state driver’s license databases using facial recognition technology, analyzing millions of motorists’ photos without their knowledge,” said Rep. Engel. “This type of surveillance is a violation of our constitutional right to privacy and should not become a routine unregulated investigative tool”


“My legislation will protect individuals from unwarranted facial technology matching searches of photo databases Federal agencies are scanning the faces of people who aren’t suspected of crimes at an unprecedented rate. The time is now for Congress to act and protect individuals from unwarranted searches of collected data.”