Engel: Make Sure You Take Advantage of ConEd's Storm Reimbursement Program

Engel: Make Sure You Take Advantage of ConEd’s Storm Reimbursement Program

Washington D.C.—Congressman Eliot L. Engel is urging all those affected by last month’s storm outages to take advantage of Con Edison’s reimbursement program.

In a letter to ConEd, Engel demanded the utility company reimburse their customers for the series of outages that affected the area last month. ConEd has since announced that it will reimburse customers for food and prescription medicine spoilage if they lost power for at least three consecutive days. Those reimbursements for eligible residential customers amount to $225 without receipts, or up to $515 with receipts. Business owners are eligible for food spoilage reimbursements up to $10,200 with receipts. Those seeking to file for reimbursements for spoilage can check the company’s website here:

In addition, If you lost power for 3 days or more during the March 2 and March 7 nor’easters, ConEd will provide you with an adjustment to your bill that will reflect a one-time reduction to your monthly customer delivery charge. Customers will receive this credit on their bill by May 21.

“ConEd dropped the ball for thousands of New Yorkers during last month’s swing of nor’easters and its important they make these adjustments for their customers,” Engel said. I demanded ConEd provide their customers with reimbursement for these outages, and while I am pleased they are working towards this goal, much more needs to be done to ensure another incident like this won’t take place in the future.”