Engel Marks "Teacher Appreciation Day" by Cosponsoring Resolution Supporting Increased Pay for Teachers

Engel Marks “Teacher Appreciation Day” by Cosponsoring Resolution Supporting Increased Pay for Teachers

Congressman Eliot Engel, a former classroom teacher and school guidance counselor, today marked Teacher Appreciation Day by cosponsoring a House resolution supporting increased teacher pay and public education funding.

“Our public school teachers provide an invaluable service. On Teacher Appreciation Day, it’s not enough to just thank a teacher. We also need to promote policies that will help our educators prepare our children for success,” Engel said. “This means competitively paying teachers and support staff, creating safe and healthy learning conditions, and providing first-rate learning resources.

“As a former teacher and guidance counselor, this issue is near and dear to my heart. The only way to improve our education system is to strongly support our educators.”

The resolution states that teacher pay should be comparable to other college graduates with years in the workforce in the state in which they are employed; and states and the federal government should increase investment in instruction, classroom materials, and services available within.