Engel on House Republicans' Refusal to Act on Paris Climate Agreement

Rep. Engel on House Republicans’ Refusal to Act on Paris Climate Agreement

Washington D.C.—Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a top member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, offered an amendment to the Republican Authorization and Oversight Plan of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for the 115th Congress. The amendment would have required the Committee to consider actions needed to meet our obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement. 

“The Republican plan for the new Congress says nothing about how our national energy policy should prevent or mitigate the effects of climate change,”Engel said. “My amendment would have added language to ensure that the Committee considers actions needed to meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement. Sadly, my suggested language was voted down, as partisan politics once again got in the way of protecting our environment and our children’s future.

“The Paris Agreement was a historic moment in the fight against climate change by establishing a strong global consensus to reduce carbon pollution and set the world on a path to a clean-energy future. We have an opportunity to implement policies that encourage American businesses to invest in new technologies and drive innovation, but my Republican colleagues remain singularly focused on the fossil fuel industry. To ignore such a large component of energy and climate policy is an enormous mistake.”

As President Trump and the Republican Party prepares to boost fossil fuel production, a new Pew Research Center poll finds that 65 percent of Americans would rather the U.S. focus on developing clean energy. 

The Engel amendment was defeated 21-30 on a party-line vote.