Engel: "Pay More, Get Less" With Trumpcare

Engel: “Pay More, Get Less” With Trumpcare

Washington D.C.— Congressman Eliot L. Engel, a top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, delivered the following remarks on the House floor today during debate on the American Health Care Act, also known as “Trumpcare”:

“Mr. Speaker, when people look at these bills they want to know what they’re going to pay. What this bill does is simple—you pay more and you get less, that’s the bottom line. Pay more and get less. The President promised better health care for more people at a lesser cost, but my Republican colleagues can no longer claim with any credibility that their plan achieves these goals. 24 million people will lose coverage, people 50 to 64 will be hit with an age tax, pay premium 5 times higher than anybody else, deductibles will go up, and protections that make sure insurance companies offer minimum value will be thrown out. Again, the Republican bill, ‘Trumpcare’: pay more get less. But it gives billionaires a tax break. That’s really, really important isn’t it?

“With the Affordable Care Act, we set out to give Americans more affordable, higher quality health care. Is the law perfect? No, we should be working together to tweak the law. We should be working together to improve the law. Not putting in a clunker like this bill, which will roll back the time on people’s coverage. Roll back the time, give people less coverage, and let them pay more. That’s not what the American people want. I urge my colleagues to vote no.”

Video of Congressman Engel’s floor remarks can be found here.