Engel Reintroduces Social Networking Online Protection Act

Engel Reintroduces Social Networking Online Protection Act

Washington D.C.- Congressman Eliot Engel, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has reintroduced the Social Networking Online Protection Act, or “SNOPA,” a bill to protect the users of social networking sites from having to divulge their personal information to employers, schools and universities.

SNOPA would prohibit current or potential employers and educational institutions from requiring a password or other access to online content. The bill would also bar these entities from disciplining, discriminating against, or denying employment to individuals for refusing to volunteer their personal online information.

SNOPA would protect students and employees’ personal email and social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook.

“Email and social media have become central to our everyday lives,” Engel said. “As such, these accounts and their contents are deeply personal. No one should be forced to surrender their privacy or risk losing their job, a potential job or their place in school. This legislation would constitute a major step forward in providing needed clarity on what must remain personal and private.”

SNOPA was introduced with three original cosponsors: Congressman Keith Ellison, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Congressman Paul Tonko.