Engel Statement in Opposition to Senate Border Bill

Engel Statement in Opposition to Senate Border Bill


Washington D.C. – Congressman Eliot Engel issued the following statement:


“The President and his Administration have manufactured an abhorrent humanitarian crisis at our nation’s southern border. I visited the border earlier this year and have seen the inhumane conditions these children are living in. It’s an absolute disgrace and requires significant action to fix. Unfortunately, the Senate’s solution does not do nearly enough.


“When the House passed our version of the border bill earlier in the week, we fought hard to ensure there were crucial protections and safeguards for children and families. I only voted for the bill after those concerns about health and hygiene were addressed, and assurances were made that the Administration could not re-allocate any of the funding for their nefarious purposes.


“But the Senate border bill does not have those strong protections. Because this President simply cannot be trusted to care for asylum seekers without greater oversight, I voted NO on the Senate bill this evening. It is critical to implement stronger guardrails than those proposed by the Senate GOP. These children are in desperate need of help, but this bill is not the answer.”