Engel Statement on Police Officer Shot in Yonkers

Engel Statement on Police Officer Shot in Yonkers

WASHINGTON D.C.—Congressman Eliot L. Engel issued the following statement:

“Last night, a terrifying shoot-out between police and armed assailants took place in Yonkers which resulted in one officer being shot. Miraculously the officer, Kayla Maher, who was struck in the face, is reportedly going to be ok and make a full recovery. I pray for Officer Maher during her recovery and commend her and her partner’s incredible courage during this nightmarish ordeal.

“These two brave Yonkers officers faced something last night no one in our community or any other should have to face—a dangerous individual wielding a deadly firearm. As Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner noted, ‘it could have been much worse.’ But we shouldn’t have to wait for the issue to devolve even further to act. The men and women who protect us in law enforcement shouldn’t have to deal with gunmen who are walking the streets armed to the hilt. No citizen should.

“We can say the time is now to act, but it’s been that time for a while. Congress needs to end its disgraceful inaction and finally pass meaningful legislation to curb the proliferation of gun violence.”