Engel Votes Against Republicans' Inadequate Government Funding Bill

Engel Votes Against Republicans’ Inadequate Government Funding Bill

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Eliot Engel, a top member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, issued the following statement after voting against the Continuing Resolution passed by House Republicans:

“Congressional Republicans have decided to cap off one of the least productive years in the history of Congress with yet another continuing resolution that kicks the can down the road on some of our nation’s most pressing issues. This abdication of duty is shameful – and especially galling after their gleeful display at the White House yesterday where they applauded themselves for their tax scam on the middle-class.

“I believe we should not end the year without enacting a solution for the hundreds of thousands of young people who had their immigration status so cruelly revoked by the President in September. Every day, another 122 DREAMers lose their protected status and are at risk of deportation. Yet, despite bipartisan support, this bill does not include a fix for DACA.

“We also should not have ended the year without fixing the mess House Republicans made when they allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to expire. This CR fails our nation’s children, putting an inadequate patch on CHIP instead of a long-term, bipartisan reauthorization. This won’t help states plan and it won’t give CHIP families peace of mind.

“On top of that, this CR fails to provide adequate funding to care for our nation’s veterans. The VA is facing a dire shortfall and a shortage of 45,000 doctors, nurses and health care providers. It is unconscionable of GOP leaders not to authorize these funds and deny care to veterans.

“Finally, the House also voted today on a supplemental disaster relief package – but one that doesn’t sufficiently meet the needs of fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I voted against this package as well. We must do more to aid those struggling to rebuild in Hurricane Maria’s wake.

“No long-term, bipartisan funding for CHIP. No support for our veterans. No help for our DREAMers and inadequate assistance for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Failing to fix our biggest problems is exactly what has happened this year under Republican leadership.”