Engel Votes NO on Latest Trump Cuts

Engel Votes NO on Latest Trump Cuts

Yesterday, Congressman Eliot L. Engel voted against H.R. 3, a bill to cancel federal spending already approved by Congress.

The bill contains approximately $15 billion in cuts, proposed by the Trump Administration, targeting the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), flood prevention measures, clean energy investments, intercity passenger rail improvements, and other federal supports.

“The same Republican Congress that exploded the deficit with their tax scam just months ago is now willing to sacrifice critical supports for working families, continuing to stack the deck for the wealthy and well-connected against American families who play by the rules,” Engel said. “Children will be among the victims of this political gambit, as H.R. 3 cuts the CHIP contingency fund by almost 80 percent. This fund exists to ensure states can care for children if an unexpected event, like a natural disaster, causes a spike in CHIP enrollment. It also makes damaging cuts to programs that improve our infrastructure, protect our communities, and prepare our economy for the future.

“These cuts are short-sighted and cruel, and their intent is utterly transparent. If Republicans are so concerned about the state of federal spending, perhaps they shouldn’t have blown a trillion-dollar hole in the deficit with the GOP tax scam. I voted No on that irresponsible bill, and I voted No on this one.”