Local Advocates Rally Outside Rep. Engel's Office to Say "Thank You" for Protecting Women's Health

Local Advocates Rally Outside Rep. Engel’s Office to Say “Thank You” for Protecting Women’s Health

Bronx, NY—A group of local Planned Parenthood advocates rallied outside the Bronx district office of Congressman Eliot Engel on Tuesday to thank the Congressman for his continued efforts to protect and preserve women’s health and reproductive rights in Congress.

“I want to thank the individuals who came to my office yesterday sporting signs of support and encouragement—I am deeply humbled by the gesture” Congressman Engel said. “The new Administration’s radical agenda has taken direct aim at women’s health, and in these uncertain times its more important than ever that we stand together to ensure our collective voices are heard. I find it ironic that as we celebrate International Women’s Day, during Women’s History Month, we are simultaneously watching the Republicans in Congress try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has provided vital care to millions of women across the country. We cannot allow the GOP to undo the progress we have made over the last 8 years and I intend to fight their repeal process tooth and nail in the coming days and weeks.

“There has been a tremendous amount of enthusiasm at the grassroots level since November and it’s pretty inspiring. I don’t think I’ve seen this much political activism in decades. We need to keep this momentum going and I will continue to do all I can to fight for the issues we hold dear down in Washington.”  

Background: Congressman Engel has been a longtime advocate for women’s health issues in Congress. He is a Member of the House Pro-Choice Caucus; has a 100% voting record from Planned Parenthood Action Fund; and was named first ever Congressional Defender of Women’s Rights by Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion—Choice Matters.