President Obama Signs Engel Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Legislation Into Law

President Obama Signs Engel Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Legislation Into Law

Washington D.C.—President Barack Obama has signed into law H.R. 2494, The Eliminate, Neutralize, and Disrupt (END) Wildlife Trafficking Act of 2016, for which Congressman Eliot Engel was the lead Democratic sponsor. The law, which passed the House and Senate in late September with bipartisan support, will strengthen wildlife trafficking laws and bolster traffic enforcement efforts to further protect endangered species that have been targeted by poachers. 

“I want to thank President Obama, who has always been a great champion of wildlife conservation, for acting expeditiously to sign our END Wildlife Trafficking Act into law,” Congressman Engel said. “In working closely with my colleague Chairman Royce, and organizations like the Bronx-based Wildlife Conservation Society, we were able to pass this vital measure that will help address the poaching crisis that enriches illicit criminal networks and preserve some of our planet’s most iconic species, including elephants, rhinos and other endangered species.  Again, I want to thank Chairman Royce and our Senate colleagues for their work advancing this legislation through Congress.

“I have always prided myself on working hand-in-hand with my colleagues across the aisle in order to get things done. This bill’s success is further proof that by working together in a bipartisan way, we can accomplish many great things for our country and our planet.”

Said John Calvelli, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society: “The END Wildlife Trafficking Act sends a clear message around the world that the United States is serious about fighting wildlife crime and illegal trade that is decimating our natural heritage across the planet.  With the passage of this legislation, elephants, gorillas, pangolins and other wildlife can breathe a little easier.  We commend Congressman Engel’s leadership for championing this bill and for President Obama for signing it into law.”