Statement from Congressman Engel on House Adjournment

Statement From Congressman Engel On House Adjournment     

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Eliot Engel, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, issued the following statement after the House adjourned till July:

"Standing alongside my colleagues earlier today, I said that Republicans had tossed out the old rules about how the House functions. We no longer debate legislation and vote on it on the House floor, because the Republican Majority has decided that they are too afraid. Too afraid to stop terrorists from buying guns, too afraid to allow background checks, too afraid of what research about gun violence will show. Let's face it, they are too afraid of the NRA. So instead of working to fix these problems by voting on a solution that 90 percent of Americans agree on, the Republican Majority has decided that the House won't do any more business this month. They have decided that they would rather abdicate their responsibilities and skip town than work to address the issue of gun violence, which is killing more and more Americans every day. Their behavior is shameful, but we will not be discouraged in the face of their cowardice.    

"Democrats will stay on the floor and continue to fight, even if Republicans walk away. Because this is too important for any more moments of silence.

"As we've said all day: no bill, no break."