Our District

New York’s 16th Congressional District is home to some of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the country. Our district is proud to be highly diverse, composed of a community built of people from every walk of life, different ethnicities, nationalities and religious beliefs, each adding to what makes this community unique and special. It encompasses parts of both the Bronx and Westchester, with about one third of our constituents in the Bronx and two thirds in Westchester. NY-16 spans from west to east in both counties, with beautiful vistas on the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound. Our neighborhoods include both big city and country living, all within a short distance to Manhattan.
Our Bronx neighborhoods include:
Co-op City
Riverdale (North and South)
Spuyten Duyvil
Our Westchester communities include:
Hastings on Hudson
Mt. Vernon
New Rochelle
With vistas from the Hudson River to the Long Island Sound we are home to numerous community and historical treasures and famous past residents:
·         The Bell Tower World War I Memorial
·         Wave Hill, part of the National Garden Conservancy
·         Woodlawn Cemetery, where entertainment greats Duke Ellington, Celia Cruz, Miles Davis and Irving Berlin are buried.
·         Glen Island Park, with the famous Glen Island Casino entertainment venue
·         Walter’s Hot Dog Stand, a Westchester County Landmark
·         Home to author James Fenimore Cooper, one of the first American novelists
·         The Pelham Picture House, one of the oldest movie theaters in the country
·         The John Jay Estate, home of founding father and first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
·         Playland Amusement Park, the only county owned amusement park in the country
·         Childhood home of former First Lady Barbara Bush
The 16th Congressional District is also home to numerous exceptional institutions of higher education, including:
Manhattan Colleg
Mercy College
Mount Saint Vincent College
Sarah Lawrence College
St. Joseph’s Seminary
Congressman Engel is proud to represent the residents of NY-16. To assist constituents he maintains three offices here, in the Bronx, Mt. Vernon and Co-Op City. Unlike most members of Congress the majority of his staff, including his Chief of Staff, are located in these offices.